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Frequently Asked Questions:

How is your service priced?

We use a custom spreadsheet to help us calculate every detail of the project, combined with weekly research we perform on the current market and competitors' pricing for similar services and products we offer, always adjusting our rates and making improvements in the way we deliver our services to stay competitive and efficient. 
Our estimates are very accurate and we almost never have to recalculate them for the final bill. Exceptions occur when: the customer requires extra services/products along the way that were not in the scope of the plans; unpredictable problems are found after the removal of tiles on floors/walls; the customer takes too long to approve the estimate or keep rescheduling the project.

How can I become a B.Tiler?

You can click on the button "Contact" in the main menu, and fill out the form with your info and the reason why you'd like to become a member of our crew. We will be glad to hear about your experience in the field and find the best position for you in our company.

Do you offer warranty?

Both our Services and our Crew are covered by General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation insurance. 
In addition to that, all products we use for Prep-Work and Installs are from LATICRETE and/or SCHLUTER, and both brands offer 10 years Warranty by Factory for their full system (Laticrete Hydroban, or Schluter Ditra).
Although the Factory coverage for Laticrete and Schluter expires in 10 years, according to specialists in the field, their Systems, if properly installed, are expected to last multiple decades.

Are you flexible with the distance of the job?

Our main coverage area is on Cape Cod and Plymouth County (MA), but there are no boundaries for distance. We can always plan ahead and travel further away to work on your project. We have already provided services for special customers in states like New Hampshire and Florida.

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